Commercial real estate

Different types of investment properties present different opportunities and advantages. Some yield steady returns, while others have higher earning potential and with it, higher risk.
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Demand remains high for apartment buildings, complexes, and other multifamily properties. The multifamily housing market is one of the most active investment classes, and the industry’s 35 million residents drive a $1 trillion annual contribution to the U.S. economy.


As shopping preferences change, Retail properties offer new and exciting opportunities for investors. The retail industry forms one of the major foundations of the economy, and retail properties come in many forms, from neighborhood strip shopping centers to larger big-box destination-based formats.

Net Lease

Net Leases are some of the most sought-after properties in the retail sector. Investor demand for net lease properties often exceeds the number of available listings for good reason, since tenants typically pay for maintenance costs and taxes and these properties have proven to hold their value over time


Corporate America and the expansion of coworking space keep office properties popular Florida became one of the prime destinations for corporate offices. Growth in office demand, coupled with moderate new development and expansion of the employee to square foot ratio, point to strengthening fundamentals for the office sector in the years ahead


Industrial space is essential for manufacturing, logistics, and online shopping. As online shopping trends surge, industrial warehouses continue to grow in relevance as a key component of the economic supply chain, facilitating the movement of goods from manufacturers to consumers.


Hospitality is a billion-dollar-industry with properties spanning a wide variety of types, from limited service to full-service luxury hotels, golf, marinas and resort properties.

Seniors Housing

The graying of America has led to the creation of a vibrant seniors housing industry. South Florida had always been a very sought-after place for retirement.


Self-Storage is one of the most stable, reliable forms of commercial real estate investment.

Medical Office

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