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As our team has grown, it’s become more and more important to identify and outline the core values that guide everything we do. Our core values develop and define our brand, our business strategies and who we are as professionals in real estate world today. It is our goal to consistently live these core values out and we encourage both our teammates and our clients to hold us accountable to it.

We commit to innovate and lead, our agents thrive to be a go getter and stand on simple principle “let your yes be yes and your no be no”

And embrace accountability, deliver on our commitment to excellence.

We promise to always do the right thing for our team and focus on solutions
To build relationships and have fun, always keeping our team and clients as highest priority

We innovate and constantly improve while committ to be great and never settle


We dedicated to providing world-class service and best expertise to our clients. We are passionate about delivering extra value that others simply will not. Our signature of our service is dedication to integrity and consistently impressive results.  Thrive to grow helps us achieve the daily goals we set. We will make the clients we serve feel special, creating raving fans, and help them truly win. And to succeed because we will not let our clients fail.


Our agents not just sell homes. They build long lasting relationships. They solve challenge or problem for the clients. They negotiate well and choose to do the right thing. They operate professionally while relate to our clients on a human level. They go into scary basements and they aware of the angry dog behind the picket fence. They discover new advantageous areas and neighborhoods. They lose sleep over real estate prices, changing market values and the newest, hottest listings. They make sure our clients don’t buy the wrong property.

Yes, business partnership of Star Alliance Real Estate and Vanguard Mortgages provide powerful marketing, professional paperwork and legal support for both our agents and our clients.

And, last but not least, Vanguard Mortgage as direct lender makes sure that our clients get the most lucrative and beneficial mortgages as well as other financial services for our buyers or refinance clients.

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1720 Harrison St, Suite 18B
Hollywood FL 33020